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Resources to help you reduce Energy use in the Home

This list of links and resources is in the process of being compiled. Please check back later to see what we have added!

 Assessing your home’s energy efficiency

  • Organization for Assessing Your Home’s Energy Use / Over Use: Elora Center for Environmental Excellence. They can do Home Energy Evaluations to identify opportunities.
  • See also this video from the SNAP Green Home Makeover series, which shows what an energy audit involves and what you can learn from it.
  • Borrow a “Kill A Watt” electricity meter from your local Town of Caledon library. This will enable you to see which appliances are the electricity guzzlers in your household. Instructions on use are included with the meter.
  • To get an idea which appliances might be high energy users, you can go to this interactive HydroOne webpage to see how much electricity typical appliances use, and also how much money you can save by using electricity at off-peak times.
  • You can also access data showing your own hourly, daily and monthly electricity use by logging into your account at this HydroOne webpage (after you have signed in, select “My Electricity Usage”). It can show up some interesting trends and with a bit of detective work you can work out how much electricity is used by your stove, furnace fan, drier and any other appliances you cannot measure with a “Kill A Watt” meter.
  • Take a look at the list of possible energy-saving actions we at ecoCaledon have compiled here.

Tips on saving energy

Energy company and Government websites typically have lists of useful tips for saving energy …..

….and they also have information on current energy-saving incentives and rebate programs, which can change with time.

Investing in renewable energy

  • If you are interested in renewable energy but do not have a property suitable for your own project, or enough funds to pay for it, then you can still participate by investing in renewable energy projects like those offered by Solar Share.
  • Alternatively, you can invest in renewable energy by buying your electricity and/or gas from a company such as Bullfrog Power.
  • If you are considering your own renewable energy project and would like to talk to someone who has already been through this process, get in touch with Richard Ehrlich from ecoCaledon, the first person in Caledon to have grid-tied solar installed. e-mail: (You can read some of Richard’s articles on energy saving and other environmental topics on our Articles page)


General Information


  • If you feel you are ready to embark on an ecoRenovation project, the Canada Green Building Council recommends talking to one of their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Canada for Homes Providers. These independent organizations have “demonstrated experience verifying homes and supporting builders in the construction of high-performance homes” and will be able to help you decide how to proceed, recommend local builders with the appropriate experience, etc. To find out more, go to the Canada Green building Council website