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Paint a Picture for Water Conservation 2016.

Calling all Artists!

Paint a Picture for Water Conservation 2016!

The deadline for applications has been extended to March 10th! Ten designs will be chosen and painted.

Starting April 26, 2016, decorated barrels will be displayed at high traffic areas in the community. Throughout the month people can place online bids for their favourite barrels.

On June 18, Caledon Day, the online auction closes.

All proceeds generated from the Auction go towards supporting environmental education efforts of


For more information, please visit

Or contact Donna Ferron, of ecoCaledon,

Paint a Picture for Water Conservation 2014

Caledon’s Annual Rain Barrel Art Collection

Come to Caledon Day to see this beautiful art collection and bid on your favourite rain barrel.

painted rain barrels

Community, and high school artists have come together to create Caledon’s outstanding 2014 Rain Barrel Art Collection. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, Art Collection rain barrel, to complete your garden oasis.


Rain barrels are garden features that capture rainwater from your rooftop. This water would normally run into a storm drain, culvert or ditch before flowing directly into our local river, carrying all pollutants that it picks up along the way. Rain water that is captured in your rain barrel is fresh and clean and can be used to water your veggie patch, potted flowers and hanging baskets.

Proceeds support the ecoCaledon environmental bursaries.Painted rain barrel with turtle

Bidding Closes June 14, 11:59pm

Bid on your favourite rain barrel


ecoCaledon Strategic Planning and Vision – Caledon “Greenest Town in Ontario”

On Decemer 8, 2013 selected stakeholders of ecoCaledon met for the third of three strategic planning sessions. The session’s intentions included discussing challenges and identifying the strategic priorities.

Strategic Priorities include; Demonstrate meaningful, measureable impact, Educate everyone, Connect and engage community in actions, Organize ourselves, Raise the profile of ecoCaledon and its programs.

After a thought-provoking, inspiring and team building session we were quite excited with the range of visions that came from the group.   One of our visions is in line with the Town of Caledon Environmental Strategic Plan.  The Town has taken a strong stance on its identity as the “Greenest Town in Ontario”.

The Town of Caledon is holding a community engagement event with key community environmental leaders to receive input on this update on February 25th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

The event will be advertised in the community, if you think that there are additional groups/individuals that  should be invited, please contact Katelyn McFadyen, Energy and Environment Officer, Town of Caledon.

 The deadline for confirming your participation in the presentation is February 1st, 2014.

 Co-Chair: Donna Ferron

ecoCaledon Strategic Planning and Vision with Facilitator Carol Good, Good Consulting

ecoCaledon has been operating since 1995. During that time, the organization has been active in a diverse and evolving program of innovative initiates and progressive projects focused on improving Caledon’s environment. We have developed strong relationships with partners such as; Caledon Community Services, Region of Peel, Town of Caledon, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Caledon Public Library, teachers, students, citizens of Caledon and all our Unify Caledon partners and friends.

In order to achieve continued growth success, we are creating a compelling vision and plan that will guide us through the next 4 years and well into the future. We look forward to sharing our vision and goals with you in the coming weeks!

Caledon’s Third Annual Rain Barrel Artist’s Collection!

Community, and high school artists have come together to create Caledon’s outstanding 2013 Rain Barrel Art Collection.
We had an over whelming response, Toronto and Region Conservation & ecoCaledon would like to thank you all for taking an interest and supporting our one-of-a-kind, hand painted Art Collection.

These rain barrels were auctioned off to the community to raise funds in support of the Carol Seglins Environmental Bursary while raising awareness about water conservation. All proceeds from your purchase of a 2013 Artist Collection rain barrel will help to provide one deserving graduate from each of the four Caledon high schools a bursary of $400 to assist in their continuing education in an environmental field.

We would like to thank the twenty artists, students and creative Caledonians that were chosen to create one-of-kind artistic rain barrels for Paint a Picture for Water Conservation.

The Artist’s Rain Barrel Collection was displayed at various locations within the Caledon community from May 15th – June 14th. All barrels were on display at Caledon Day on June 15th.   Participating locations included: Trailside Café, Foodland Caledon East, Caledon Town Hall, Davis Feed, Zehrs Bolton, Home Depot Bolton, Canadian Tire Bolton, Glen Echo Nursery, Chic-a-Boom, and library branches throughout the Town.   Thank you to all of our participating locations, we truly appreciate your support!

A special thanks to The Home Depot and Greer’s Auto Collision, Bolton, Ontario.

Donna Ferron

Chair: ecoCaledon

Painted Rain Barrels by Local Artists Raise Funds for Environmental High School Bursaries


Proceeds from the 2013 Artist’s Rain Barrel Collection to assist Caledon youth in their higher education

Did you know that your purchase of 2013 Artist Collection rain barrel will help provide education bursaries to deserving Caledon high school graduates?

This year 20 beautifully hand painted rain barrels have been created by local artists and high school students through Paint a Picture for Water Conservation, a joint initiative of ecoCaledon and Toronto and Region Conservation. These rain barrels are being auctioned off to the community to raise funds in support of the Carol Seglins Environmental Bursary while raising awareness about water conservation. All proceeds from your purchase of a 2013 Artist Collection rain barrel will help to provide one deserving graduate from each of the four Caledon high schools a bursary of $400 to assist in their continuing education in an environmental field.

2012 bursary winner Allison Browning was actively involved in environmental projects as President of Humberview’s Environmental Integrity Association, raising environmental awareness and inspiring action amongst her peers. “I was very excited to hear from my teacher that I was to win the environmental bursary. It was nice to be recognized for my environmental efforts at Humberview!” Having just completed her first year in Sciences at Lakehead University Allison states “The bursary went a long way to pay for books.” Allison is one of those people who goes the extra distance to help the environment.

As a student at Robert F Hall, Anthony Masic was a keen promoter of sustainability through recycling. Thinking back to his graduation and what winning the 2012 Carol Seglins Environmental Bursary meant, he reflected “I was surprised and proud to be recognized at graduation for my environmental concern and action”. Anthony contributes to the community by volunteering and participates in many outdoor extreme sports. He has made helping the environment his long term goal through his education and his everyday practices. Anthony is specifically concerned about preserving forests and is pursuing this through his studies in Environmental Sustainability at Lakehead University.

To view the 2013 Artist’s Collection Rain Barrels and to make your bid please All barrels are also on display until June 14th throughout the Town of Caledon at local retails and Public Libraries (locations listed on the website) and will be on display at Caledon Day on June 15th. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a bid and contribute to the excellence of Caledon’s students. Auction closes on June 15th at 11:59pm.

Toronto and Region Conservation

With over 50 years of experience, Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) helps people understand, enjoy and look-after the natural environment. Our vision is for The Living City®, where human settlement can flourish forever as part of nature’s beauty and diversity.  For more information, call 416-661-6600 or visit us;;;;


Formerly Citizens for a Clean Caledon, ecoCaledon is an environmental action group of volunteers established by the Town of Caledon in 1995.  ecoCaledon promotes programs designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment including: battery recycling, rain barrel sales, environmental education, Caledon’s Green Directory, Healthy Lawns Healthy People and Clean Air Clean Energy.  For more information, visit us


What is Biodiversity? Why is it important? What Can We Do?

By Donna Ferron Chair: ecoCaledon


Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is:

The diversity of species that populate the Earth (animals, plants, fungi, algae, bacteria, viruses, etc.)

The diversity between individuals of a same species or genetic diversity (difference of size, shape, colour, etc.)

The diversity of ecosystems, i.e. the different environments (a pond, forest, coral reef) the species that inhabit them, and their interaction.

In other words, biodiversity is all around us and we are part of it ourselves. It is difficult to quantify as a large number of species are microscopic, live hidden, or simply have yet to be discovered. There are currently around 1.9 million living species catalogues worldwide, but this is only the visible tip of the iceberg.

Why is Biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity is the result of 3.8 billion years of evolution, and is essential to our survival. Food, building materials, insulation and decoration, natural textile fibres, active ingredients in many medicines, pollution, de-pollution of the air, water and soil, flood limitation… biodiversity offers a wealth of products and services without which life on Earth as we know it would not be possible.

Unfortunately, all too often we forget just how much we owe to biodiversity; it is often taken for granted, perceived as being free and eternal… but today is seriously threatened b human activity: destruction of fragmentation of habitat, multiple forms of pollution, over-hunting, over-fishing, over-exploitation of land and forest, over-production of greenhouse gasses leading to climate change.

Maintaining biodiversity is one of the main environmental challenges our planet has to face at the beginning of the 21st century.

Everyone can make a contribution in protecting biodiversity, and the participation of each and everyone of us is needed. We can all act at or own level – without making major changes to our way of life – by adopting a few simple actions in our daily life: eating local, seasonal produce, saving water, composting food waste, learning to recognize the plant and animal species that surround us

Below are a few ways you can make a contribution in protection biodiversity.




This information is provided by HPDBN -The Halton Peel BioDiversity Network