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Unify Caledon – Synergizing the Green Movement in Caledon

Founders: Jonathan Love & Satya Evolve
Donna Ferron, John MacRae

Local Caledon environmental organizations, Town of Caledon, and individuals working together towards common goals.  The first group gathered at a weekend retreat at Whole Village in Caledon for a 2 day workshop to engage in a process of discovering the ways that we can support each other in collaboration to make all of our work more effective. There was a lot of passion, excitement and great ideas exchanged.

The group assembled worked out a very succinct way of stating common objective, a vision
that almost all agreed was a statement that reflects our view.

The Goal:  We are working toward a healthy natural environment that nurtures appreciative, engaged and connected community for the long term.

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Calling all Schools; Paint a Picture for Water Conservation – “Every Drop Counts”

A Collaborative Project of ecoCaledon and the TRCA
John MacRae, Donna Ferron, Jim Cassel

Grades 6, 7 and 8 students from sixteen Caledon schools were invited to participate in a School Rain Barrel Design Contest. Nine schools in total entered the contest, five of the nine schools also entered the Painted Rain Barrels Artists’ Collection, and these barrels were auctioned off.

The addition of the School program was a big success with 9 schools involved, 600 students directly and 1800 indirectly.  The senior students (grades 6-8) acted as leaders developing Water Conservation Plans, designing and painting a rain barrel. The leaders shared what they had done in Water Conservation and the Painting of Rain Barrels with the rest of their school at assemblies, and Delegation to Council.

There were 5 parts to this program.   All program components were necessary to participate.

  1. Conduct a “School Water Audit”
  2. Complete personal water audits with the “How Big is Your Splash” worksheet.
  3. Develop a plan for your school to save water and share your ideas with the rest of the school.
  4. Create a design to pain on a rain barrel.
  5. Submit class application for a draw to see if they are one of 10 classes chosen.

A bookmark was given to every student in each of the 9 schools, encouraging them to take
the online “Water Wisdom” quiz, 30 students took the quiz.

All school Painted Rain Barrels were displayed in high profile locations around Caledon, for one month and returned to the school.

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Special Event – The Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project. September 8th, 2012

Donna Ferron, Jim Cassel, Paddy Running-Horan, Amy Darrell

Evergreen partnered with Molson Coors Canada to produce the Molson Red Leaf Project. This initiative consisted of 100 stewardship events across the country, produced by Molson, Evergreen and a local community partner to clean up parks across the country. RJA Potts Memorial park in Bolton was the selected site to.There were 35 volunteers, 4 members of ecoCaledon, Jan Smith-Bull, Town of Caledon, Parks Services Facilitator, Councillor Patti Foley and 2 members of Evergreen.  Evergreen covered the eligible costs associated with planning and delivering the event, for a total of $2500.

In 90 minutes, volunteers weeded gardens, mulched, planted trees and shrubs.  They also
picked up many bags of garbage.

Below are comments made by Jan Smith-Bull sent to Town of Caledon management and council.

“I was impressed by the people who volunteered – the ones that I talked to do this kind of thing often (working with things like Habitat for Humanity) simply because they enjoy it.  Two of the young ladies (that I spoke with) said they didn’t even know that they got concert tickets until last week – that’s not why they signed up.  All had positive attitudes and no one shied away from getting dirty.  Some were from Caledon, but I also heard Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga.”

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