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ecoCaledon Name Change

New name… same great organization

For the past 14 years, Citizens for a Clean Caledon have introduced and successfully run exciting, leading edge and relevant community programs, however, we felt that Citizens for a Clean Caledon was probably undervalued and misunderstood for its strength as a brand. Many people thought we just cleaned up garbage on the streets of Caledon. We’ve had great success with our programs, and a long successful history.

In keeping up with the changing times of the 21st Century, Citizens for a Clean Caledon made a decision to rebrand to simplify what our organization stood for.

Eco is identifiable to the public, therefore, we are delighted to announce that ecoCaledon was selected as the new name for this trusted long time community citizens environmental organization.

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Program Coordinator

November, 2009 Amy Darrell is the first and only paid employee of ecoCaledon. Amy has a strong background as a Community Development Worker with cross functional skills in project management, volunteer coordination, administration and social marketing. 

Consistent involvement with the creation and promotion of community based initiatives with a focus on sustainable energy, climate change, food security and the environment.

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Public Relations

Rio Ferron 

Advertising and Marketing is not only something of interest to Rio, but also something she is passionate about. One of her favourite books is Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma: a Natural History of Four Meals. It was an eye opening read that enlightened her to the realization that we are no longer living off the land the way our ancestors did; we have become entrenched in a food chain so long and distorted that most of today’s farmers can no longer tell you who their food is feeding. She understands how important it is not only for our own health, but for our environment to buy locally grown food.

 When Rio was in high school, she decided she wanted to help the local farmers and tried to arrange a Farm Aid concert in Orangeville. Ronnie Hawkins said he would love to play a tune or two for the farmers and a couple other musicians responded, but not enough to bring Farm Aid to life. Since then, she has joined Farm Aid, and supported local farmers in their plight to survive.

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