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Caledon Trail Walk Days

Citizens for a Clean Caledon were proud to be sponsor a Caledon Trail Walk Day to benefit local trail maintenance and Weedgee Kidz. Saturday April 19th, 2008 & May 2, 2009, Jim Eberly, Chairman of CCC walked 35 km from the western end of the Trans Canada Trail in Terra Cotta to Palgrave, Caledon.

Jim enjoyed success with previous walks from Bolton to Timmons and Bolton to Hamilton, for the Kinsmen, almost 1000 km wearing Mephisto shoes. Jim was quite excited about this event because throughout his many kilometers of charitable walking he has worn the same pair of 15 year old Mephisto shoes, now held together with duct tape.

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Pesticide Exchange

May 2008, Paddy Running-Horan and CCC members held a Pesticide Exchange at the Bolton Community Recycling Centre which was a resounding success in terms of participation, bringing awareness of the importance of properly disposing of toxic chemicals and the acquired knowledge of viable alternatives.

200 CFL bulbs were distributed to the community which would result in a reduction of greenhouse emissions by approximately 50 tonnes. Many hazardous materials were diverted from the landfills and drains, thus saving our rivers, earth and groundwater from further degradation.

Full pesticide containers and large packages of fertilizer/pesticide mixes were turned in. People were commenting that they are now using organic methods for their lawn and gardens. These actions stop toxins from poisoning our air, water systems, pets, wildlife and ourselves.

Thank you to our partners – Town of Caledon, Region of Peel, Weedgee Kidz, and EcoSource.

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Donna Ferron

CCC was looking for a supplier to provide them with new uniforms, Town of Caledon recommend Donna Ferron. Donna went to the first meeting, loved the members from the first minute she walked through the door and never left.

In 2009 Donna was elected Chair of CCC. Although Donna has always had strong environmental practices, she did not have an environmental initiative to bring to the organization, however, she believed that her strong Advertising and Marketing background would be beneficial to this small but amazing community organization.


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