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Weedgee Kidz

Patricia Running-Horan, Karen Hutchinson and Caledon Countryside Alliance launched the Weedgee Kidz program in the Spring of 2002. The Weedgee Kidz are team of local high school and university students in environmental studies. The program acts as a forum for interested youth to take positive action on environmental issues in their local communities at a grassroots level. This program teaches youth through hands-on experience how to communicate their concerns about the environment to their neighbours and the community at large, using techniques established through community based social marketing. In 2004, the Weedgee Kidz won the Award of Rural Excellence – Outstanding Rural Youth Achievement in Ontario. This program has now spread to as far way as Australia.

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Dr Richard Ehrlich : Clean Air, Clean Energy

Richard also wrote a series of 35 articles for the local papers about clean energy alternatives in the Clean Air Clean Energy program, as well as being a liaison for Windy Hills Caledon Renewable Energy, an organization that will help generate more local clean energy in Caledon.

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