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Energy Efficient House Building at Humberview Secondary School Reduces our Energy Footprint

Over the past year David Grant’s Grade 10 Construction Technology classes have been “Walking
the talk” by incorporating Environmentally Sustainable Energy Building into their House Model project. Students have included smart construction design with environmental technology features and landscaping/natural features to maximize the quality and energy efficiency of their house designs. They have learned how to reduce the use of energy and water in house designs while reducing the impact on the environment.

ecoCaledon (Caledon’s environmental committee) has sponsored three prizes and some small
building supplies as part of their “Walk the Talk” program.  “Walk the Talk” encourages
Caledon citizens to reduce their energy footprint.

These Humberview students have embraced the challenge by adding features such as solar
panels, overhanging roofs over windows on the south, coniferous trees on the north and
deciduous trees on the south, and water heating features such as the hose on the roof below.

house model 1 July 2015

As part of the project Humberview students designed their houses (models), developed scale
drawings and selected building materials and environmental features. The project has sparked real excitement in David Grant’s Humberview construction technology classes based on designs that can make a difference both environmentally and economically. One of the students, Alexander Farkas describes his model, “On my own model, I have included many features to keep the building sustainable. It has been designed to decrease water and electrical use and to run on its natural surroundings.” The energy systems include solar energy, a geothermal heating and cooling system and a grey water system.

Alex has tried to think about all aspects of the construction to reduce the environmental and financial cost on the house owner and ultimately reduce the energy footprint. “The solar energy system powers the electrical needs including all outlets and the water heater while the geothermal system powers the heating and cooling. The design takes advantage of natural sun by having the majority of windows face south to gain sun in the winter while an overhang reduces exposure to the sun in summer.

house model 2 July 2015

Alex utilizes a grey water system for heating and cooling floors and foundations then to use in the geothermal system and later for the toilets. Rainwater is captured from the roof and used as fresh water (with a filter system) saving transportation costs and saving an important resource!!

Humberview and ecoCaledon will be awarding three winners at Humberview’s November
Awards Ceremony. These include First Place; Alexander Farkas, Second Place; Kevin Langford
and third place Matthew Pavusa. These three students embraced the project by fully
incorporating Environmental Sustainability to reduce the energy footprint. Congratulations!!

The “Walk the Talk” program is sponsored by the Town of Caledon Green fund and delivered by
ecoCaledon volunteers. ecoCaledon is Caledon’s recognized Environmental committee that
offers a variety of programs including School programs (Waste and Water Workshops in Grade
Schools,), Paint a Picture for Water Conservation (Pan-am sports theme this year) and Rain
Barrel sales to raise funds for High School Graduation Bursaries.

For more information on the ecoCaledon programs including “Walk the Talk” check out the
ecoCaledon web site: ecoCaledon is a not for profit group that receives program funding from the Region of Peel and Town of Caledon and partners with the TRCA (Toronto Regional Conservation Authority) on the Paint a Picture for Water Conservation program.

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