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Town of Caledon’s Festive Green Initiative

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Town Hall Green Tree

Energy & Environment team tree

This past December the Town of Caledon hosted its first ‘Green Holiday Tree Challenge’ which involved challenging all Departments and Facilities to build their own tree based on the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). To get the event started the Energy and Environment team built a Green Holiday Tree for Town Hall composed of recycled egg cartons and hung daily tips for how to ‘Green’ your holiday.

Public Works Green Tree

The winning design!

On December 19th the trees were showcased in the Atrium of Town Hall and with the help of  Mayor Thompson, Judy Porter (Director of Human Resources) and Councillor Nick deBoer, Public Works Department was selected as the winner for their tree made of recycled bottles, pop cans and tin cups.

Stay tuned for more Green initiatives from Town Hall in 2015!


Some of the other entries are shown below: Office of the CAO, Corporate Services, POA Office, Mayfield Recreation Complex, Policy Planning.


Office of the CAO Green TreeCorporate Services (Finance&IT) Green TreePOA Office Green TreeMayfield Recreation Complex Green TreePolicy Planning Green Tree



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