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Peg Power – Part 2 – getting the right gear

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Clothes line

Any job or chore becomes easier when you have the right gear. For environmentally-friendly laundry you do need some easily accessible equipment. A sturdy laundry basket is a good start – it helps you collect and measure a full load. Then you need access to an energy and water efficient washing machine – either your own or someone else’s!

In my last post, I discussed the benefits of using drying racks along with indoor and outdoor clotheslines. Your commitment to using a clothesline includes having a collection of clothes pegs. Here you have a variety of options – from old springy wooden ones, to inexpensive colourful plastic ones to sturdy retro ones made from recycled plastic agricultural wrap.

Clothes pegs available from "Grandma's Pegs


Then you will need a convenient way to keep your clothes pegs handy – some people use a fabric bag, or a recycled plastic container or a special basket. I suggest you conduct a quick search of your home – you likely have something that can be put into service.

Last, but certainly not least, the laundry detergent or soap you use also has an environmental impact – some things to consider include ingredients (biodegradable!), concentration (why pay for water?) and cost per load (a test of your math skills!).

Carol Good.

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