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Peg Power – Part 1 – getting started


Clothes line
You have probably heard about the benefits of using clotheslines for your laundry – how the sun will bleach out stains; how you can save money and energy; how your clothes will last longer – where do you think all that dryer lint comes from?

What you might not know is that pegging out your laundry is also a quirky way to express yourself – your commitment to the environment is literally flapping in the breeze. I have had fun with colours, shapes and sizes of the pieces when I have pegged out my wash. I also have experimented with a wide variety of clothes pegs – who knew that we had so many options?

Clothes drying rackMy invitation to you is to get started with something simple – perhaps a drying rack you can set-up inside for those items you wash by hand. Or, if you are more ambitious, perhaps you can string up inside lines in a warm part of your home and hang a full load of laundry. You can make it a contest to see how infrequently you can use the dryer.

I’m grateful to have a long outdoor clothesline that is positioned to catch the breeze and the sunshine. Nothing can compare to the smell of clean laundry off the line – certainly nothing that comes in a bottle or a box!


Carol Good

5 thoughts on “Peg Power – Part 1 – getting started

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

  2. Great post! I would love to hear about the types of drying racks people have found the most convenient and effective. I use an old bug screen from a small window to dry my sweaters on.

  3. Forget about bleach, use the sun to whiten your whites, I never thought about that.
    Great post Carol!

    • I have had tomato sauce stains on fabric napkins disappear after being pegged outside in the sun – I was pleasantly surprised!

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