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Paint a Picture for Water Conservation 2014

Caledon’s Annual Rain Barrel Art Collection

Come to Caledon Day to see this beautiful art collection and bid on your favourite rain barrel.

painted rain barrels

Community, and high school artists have come together to create Caledon’s outstanding 2014 Rain Barrel Art Collection. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, Art Collection rain barrel, to complete your garden oasis.


Rain barrels are garden features that capture rainwater from your rooftop. This water would normally run into a storm drain, culvert or ditch before flowing directly into our local river, carrying all pollutants that it picks up along the way. Rain water that is captured in your rain barrel is fresh and clean and can be used to water your veggie patch, potted flowers and hanging baskets.

Proceeds support the ecoCaledon environmental bursaries.Painted rain barrel with turtle

Bidding Closes June 14, 11:59pm

Bid on your favourite rain barrel


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