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“Walking the Talk”

Several of the strategic priorities which resulted from ecoCaledon’s visioning sessions in late 2013 involved taking our message of sustainable living out into the wider community. When we started discussing how to do this, members of the committee realized that before asking others to live more sustainably we should examine our own lifestyles to see how we are doing. Thus was born the idea for our “Walk the Talk” workshops; a series of meetings where we estimate the Carbon emissions coming from different activities in our lives and add these up to get our own personal Carbon footprint.

The kick-off meeting took place in February and will be followed through the coming months by meetings looking at Carbon emissions related to: the food we eat; consumer items we buy; energy we use in the home; and our personal travel. When we add these numbers up, if we are like the average Canadian, we may find our Carbon footprints are as much as 20 tonnes per person, per year. Many scientists now believe that to keep climate change to a manageable level, the global average Carbon footprint needs to be lowered to 2 tonnes per person by 2050! Some of this reduction may be achieved through technological changes which are largely outside our control, but we need to change our consumption habits and behaviours too. By the end of our workshops, we will each have formulated our own plan for how to start on the road towards this goal. By going through this process ourselves, we hope to highlight the challenges and find ways to help others who may wish to join us in this journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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