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Battery Recycling Safety

A friend of ours recently experienced a house fire caused by 9 volt batteries in the junk drawer.  This brought to light the need to do some education around battery recycling and safety.  Most of the batteries that end up in our recycling program are dead and are therefore not a danger.  Occasionally though batteries with still a partial charge end up in our battery recycling bins.  Recycling batteries safely is easy enough to do.  In the case of 9 volt batteries simply put some masking or electrical tape over the terminals before placing the batteries into bins or bags with other batteries.

For more information on preparing batteries for recycling please visit

ecoCaledon battery recycling bins are located at:

  • Canadian Tire – Bolton
  • The Source – Bolton
  • Xtreme Auto – Palgrave
  • Cheltenham General Store
  • Caledon Community Complex
  • Town of Caledon Town Hall
  • Mayfield Arena
  • Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

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