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Look into ecoCaledon to make a difference for our environment today and in the future!

Take some time to get involved in building a better environment for Caledon and beyond by joining other interested members at ecoCaledon.

ecoCaledon is a citizen group that strives to build awareness and action for a better environment. Over the years we have had many programs including: Education, Water Conservation (Rain Barrels), Alternative Energy (solar and wind), Unify Caledon (connects different environmental groups to make Caledon a greener place), Healthy Lawns, and Battery Recycling to name a few.

You can help with an event or an activity, join the committee, or help with communication. Together we share environmental efforts and activities to engage Caledon citizens on the environment. Our group is very hands on with events and activities that encourage results.

For example together as a group we modify rain barrels for households to conserve water. We work with other environmental community groups to organize the ”Kid’s Zone” at Caledon Day. We also work with schools to deliver education programs that are unique and fun. These kinds of environmental activities are important to everyone in Caledon. New ideas are always welcome!

One of our key focuses is education. We have three programs in local schools including “Waste Not”, “Cool Schools” and “Paint a Picture for Water Conservation”. These programs inspire elementary and secondary school students to think and act on the environment by doing activities and projects on waste, climate change and water. Students are then inspired to encourage other family members to make a difference on our environment.

Together we can protect and sustain our environment…..after all we have a beautiful environment in Caledon with lots of open spaces, conservation areas and rolling hills that we all want to protect and keep for future generations. So drop us an email at or call us at 905 58G REEN. There are lots of ways to get involved, have fun and make a difference on the environment in Caledon!

John MacRae

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