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What in the World Are We Doing?

— Being a powerful presence in the world, making a difference.”

Together we will be inquiring into what “WE” are doing at every level, from the deeply personal to the whole of the human species. Are we really leading our lives, our communities, our organizations and our world? How do we actually bring about the world we so deeply desire, one that is truly sustainable, even thriving, for everyone and for the life-giving processes of Earth? How can we live the values that we share for fairness and dignity for everyone, with no one left out?

Just imagine what we could accomplish, individually and collectively if each one of us were living a life of “Embodied Leadership.” — an ability to choose to act powerfully so that people around you take notice and are similarly moved. Imagine having that ability “in your bones.”

Now imagine that you have a community around you of people who share your vision of  a world that is sustainable, just and thriving, that you have fun gathering with them, you support one another in becoming the embodied leaders you can be, and you are doing something that makes a difference together.

That’s our vision. That’s what we are planning. A small team is designing this series of gatherings. We represent many facets of our community, with diverse skills to offer, but we know that the full range of offerings will only come when a larger group is gathered.

Please join us for the kick-off of “What in the World Are We Doing?”
Friday September 13th from 7pm – 9pm.
at the Albion-Bolton Community Centre
Room C
To Register CLICK HERE

There is no charge —
and we will be asking for small donations to offset costs.
Mark your calendars now for the next two meetings at the same place, same time September 27th and October 11th.

The first session is the introduction to the series, after that each gathering will be dedicated to exploring a specific topic, which will be announced in advance.
Did we mention that this while this may be “serious business” we are going to have FUN?!!

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