environmental citizens organization


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environmental citizens organization

  • is an environmental action group of volunteers established by the Town of Caledon in the Region of Peel, Ontario, in 1995 and was originally known as Citizens for a Clean Caledon.
  • promotes programs designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment.
  • welcomes all suggestions for innovative programs that reflect your interests and ours.

The Paint-a-Picture program has a slightly different formula this year, with two parts!

  1. Paint A Picture for Water Conservation  – Each of the four High Schools have had an “Artistic Rain Barrel Design Challenge –there have been multiple entries (with designs) from each school –from these there will be one chosen design that will be painted for auction. Click here to see more  or Go straight to the auction page!

  1. Paint A Picture For Clean Air – elementary schools are asked to paint a picture that has an “no idling” message – these will be placed in the windows of Caledon businesses to encourage drivers to not leave their car idling. Click here to find out more


How can I get involved in ecoCaledon?

If you have a love of the outdoors and an interest in caring for the beautiful environment we are blessed with in Caledon, there are many ways you can get involved. There are several active groups in the area, so your participation could range from attending talks and discussions to joining a committee to help organize events. Or, if you have your own idea on how to improve our environment, we can help you get started and provide ongoing support.

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